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Welcome to vendu's cyberspace residence. Special thanks to Marvin 'laen' Vek as well as Frans Vek for hosting these pages. :)

Special thanks to Jeremy 'jercos' Sturdivant for organising us the domain

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The purpose of this page is to encapsulate some of the ideas for and progress on some of my projects.

Thanks Donators :)

Frans Vek for hosting these web pages for years
Marvin Vek for a good tower case
Jonathan 'protist' Avery for the book End of Error: Unum Computing
Ori 'Ori_B' Bernstein for rare IBM books
Thomas 'tommycannady' Cannady for the books "Turbo Basic" and "Power of... QBASIC"
darkf for the Humble Indie Bundle #4
Timo Goosen for the Humble Introversion Bundle
Harry 'harryh' Hedger for the books Discover Forth, LISP Programming
JEntrep for a microphone to be able to Skype
Jesse Lahtinen for the Alpha Personal Workstation
'justanotheruser' for 32 gigs of DDR4 ECC registered RAM
JX7P for the C Puzzle Book Revised Printing
Andrew Moenk for the early Lamothe 3D and 386BSD books
Pac8rider for the O'Reilly Beautiful Code book
Jeremy 'jercos' Sturdivant for a Raspberry Pi
Matthew 'puddlejumper' Turner for Efficient Memory Usage book

Help Needed

As it is, unfortunately, not a free document, I wish some kind soul would donate me The ISO C 2011 Standard.

As my resources are very limited, one way to help would be Paypal donations. However, I have an Amazon Wish List for some books I would be interested in.

I'm keen on the idea of having an audio-visual intro/demo for system bootup eye candy. I could try to generate storm; thunder, lightnings, and rain based on audio signal.