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Vendu's Projects

Wizard Code"a nice set of musings and notes"
Github Repositoriessome of my software projects


Lions' Commentary on UnixTHE book on old-school UNIX
Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Bookclassic material by a legendary hacker
Write Great Code, Volume 1a very good book by Randall Hyde; nice background material for all programmers
Green Tea Pressfree computer science books
Practical File System Design with the Be File Systemfree book on BeOS file system


Roguelike Restoration Projectclassic games :)

Operating Systems

osdgeezer's OS tutorials
osdevoperating system forum
kernelnewbiesLinux/Unix wiki

Computer Architecture

How Computers WorkBook homepage + free Internet version in PDF
What Every Programmer Should Know About MemoryUlrich Drepper's paper on memory

Software Development

FXT Library of AlgorithmsBit Wizardry, Transforms, ...
Preshing on ProgrammingInteresting Multithreaded Techniques etc.
cbloom rantsA Blog on Programming Stuff
what every programmer should know about floating-point arithmeticGoldberg on IEEE Floating-Point
what every programmer should know about memoryDrepper on Memory
An Optimistic Approach to Lock-Free FIFO QueuesDequeue with Tagged Pointers

Code Optimization

magic algorithmsNice tricks
BitHacksAnother nice bunch of tricks
HAKMEM - C versionLegendary MIT HAKMEM
Hacker's DelightA good book on interesting programming techniques
Lockless ArticlesSome excellent papers on writing efficient code

Miscellaneous Links

Hello, JIT Worldsimple and elegant JIT implementation for Brainf**k
BSP Dungeon Generationa nice algorithm for generating random dungeons
Locklessgreat articles on code optimisation etc.
Duff's DeviceTom Duff on his invention
C coroutinesheresy to some, wizardry to others