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This page is for my occasional hobby of computer gaming.


Cyberia is currently a collection of ideas for a few games; I think we might create a single game and combine some of these features. You can download some of my ideas (some are in code) here.


Cyberhack is a collection of ideas for a game or several ones. Here come some notes.

cyberhackvendu's initial suggestions
shadowdraftshadowdaemon's initial thoughts
questions vendu's view on shadowdaemon's questions about implementing the game
qrntzqrntz's thought for implementation
CHPLvendu's ideas for in-game programming
danveldraftdanvel's ideas for a game


ScummVM is a great emulator for plenty of old point and click adventure games that I totally enjoyed back at the day - around late 1980's and early 1990's. These days, it's inexpensive to get a Roland MT-32 or General MIDI synthesizer, so you can take your retro gaming to a new level.


Roland Vintage Synth M-VS1an article on M-VS1
Roland CM-500Vogons conversation