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project: resurrection

Resurrection originates from around 1997 when I started hacking rxvt with Michael Jennings to suit our needs, both enthusiastic about the visual interfaces projects such as enlightenment started bringing to our desktops. The project was called Eterm, and it's still maintained by mr. Jennings.

Eventually, I grew a desire to rewrite Eterm. I started building a simple toolkit [library] and widgets to suit the needs of a terminal emulator. As often happens, the project got a bit out of hand and so now I have an almost-ready window manager, a simple image viewer, an unfinished application launcher, and all kinds of utility functions to drive this software.

Goals of Resurrection include highly graphical interface for common desktop functionality, as well as some useful application clients to run on your systems. Such applications should, in my opinion, include at least a programmer's calculator, and perhaps a calendar. Sticky notes would often come in handy too.

These days, Resurrection can be downloaded from github: Resurrection repository

Below is my first idea for a logo for the project.